Sunday, September 18, 2016

Freitzeitpark Lochmühle

One of the Large Play Structures
If you're looking for something that's guaranteed to be especially fun for the 3-7 yr old crowd, I've got three words for you:

Super Fun (if small) Roller Coaster
  For 12€ per kid(90-120cm) and 14€ per adult (over 120cm), and only about a 30 min drive from the center of Frankfurt (20 min from Dornbusch), you get several hours of safe, clean fun. Itty-bitty kiddos (under 90cm) are free. (Most rides are divided into "age 7 and over" and "under age 7". As I said     above, I think the target age is 3-7 years, but there's still a lot of fun for the 18 to 36 month set, and a few things the bigger kids will get a kick out of. The playgrounds are great for all ages--including someone as old as my husband. Ha!)

Farm Equipment Display
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but there are a ton of fun playgrounds, a couple rollercoasters, and other theme park-type rides alongside farm animals and other farm exhibits. It's really interesting as a lot of the simpler rides are "self run" (you'll see what I mean) but the other visitors were all very polite and mostly orderly in line, taking turns, etc. There's even a large indoor space should it start raining or get too hot, although it's not big enough for everyone in the park to congregate there should it start pouring. Good news, though...the park website has a link under "Extras" (on the English site) for you to check the current weather and forecast at the park before you head out.

Picnic Area with Grill
Feel free to bring any food and drink you like as there are spots to picnic all over, and
there's even several charcoal grills (get there early...probably by 10:30 or reserve one for your party and bring your own briquettes). They also sell plenty of food from light snacks to full meals, beer, wine, coffee, ice cream and everything in between. The grounds, restaurants/snack bars and the bathrooms are all super clean.

Dogs are also allowed, but keep in mind they are supposed to stay on the paths at all times, and they state clearly that they expect you to pick up any feces using doggy poo bags (on sale at the Kasse--cashier--for €0,50 if you forgot yours).

PLEASE NOTE! The park is only open from late March until early October every year, but it's open seven days a week during the season.

Getting to Freitzeitpark Lochmühle: If you're using GPS to drive there, you should just be able to search "Freitzeitpark Lochmühle" and it will pop up. It's in the town of Wehrheim. Alternatively, you can take the S-Bahn 5 from Frankfurt to Friedrichsdorf. Change at Friedrichsdorf to Taunusbahn heading for Brandoberndorf. Get off at Saalburg/Lochmühle, and all you have to do is cross the street to get in to the park.