Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Dogs can go everywhere in Germany!"...sort of...

For those of you who have been in Germany for a while, you might be saying, "Dogs really can go everywhere!" but for those of us who are new, we're thinking..."Really?"  I've only been in Germany six weeks now and it is true that I am continually surprised at where I see dogs, as well as how nonchalant Germans are about having them in restaurants, food stores, banks, etc.

Jonesy Boggs
We Americans (particularly the Missbach family!) love our dogs and consider them members of the family, but it is NOT ingrained in our culture to include them in every aspect of our lives, unless you live in a smaller town. Even where it is totally acceptable to have dogs in Germany, it STILL feels unnatural to newcomers to take our dogs to those places. Plus, the truth is that dogs aren't truly welcome EVERYWHERE....
Nieve Noel

So I've decided to start compiling a list, particularly for newcomers to Germany, for you to reference before you start out on a jaunt, trip to a restaurant or errand-run with your pooch. This list, so far, only reflects my personal experience so it must be expanded! Please feel free to leave comments to let me know additional places where can/cannot take them, or correct me if I'm wrong (including providing exceptions/additional considerations).

Where you CAN take your dogs...

- Outdoor seating areas of most every restaurant
- Through the indoor dining room of a restaurant in order to get to the outdoor area and inside more casual restaurants. Don't be deterred by tablecloths and candles...just ask them as you walk in if it's ok. They'll let you know, and won't be offended that you asked! (I'm still investigating dogs inside more formal restaurants, but not really sure if I would want to take them if I was dressed up anyway...)
- the Bank
- On the U-Bahn, Strassebahn (street tram) and S-Bahn
- into the dry cleaners or other non-food related businesses
- into clothing stores, including department stores (unless they display the "no dogs" sign above)
- the Opel Zoo (I'm not sure about all sections of the park, but I have seen people walking in/out with dogs.)
- Lochm├╝hle Freizeit Park (Dogs must always stay on paths and they state clearly that you must pick up any feces. Doggy poo bags are available at the Kasse (cashier) for €0,50.
- Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark (Admission for pups is €1 and gets you a poo bag--yay! The "rules" state that dogs shouldn't go in the buildings themselves, but we saw many patrons flouting this rule.)

Where you CANNOT take your dogs...

- the Supermarket (but plenty of people leave them tied up outside)
- most playgrounds (in the areas where children play, for health/sanitation reasons)
- the Palmengarten
- the Frankfurt Zoo
- inside churches and cathedrals (not surprisingly)

To be updated as I find out more and you guys share your knowledge with me! Thanks!