Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to "The Global Fork"!

I started this blog just about three years ago exactly...back then I had a brand new baby girl and had not even attended Culinary School.  I'd never even worked in a restaurant.  But my husband suggested I start writing down my thoughts, observations, and musings about food, entertaining, cooking and dining.  Back then I had no idea what I would be using my Culinary degree for, nor where life would take us.

Fast forward three years...we have two beautiful children (E & C), I have a degree from the Culinary Institute of America and have held several jobs in the Culinary industry (both in restaurants and at a food magazine), K works for the State Department, we're living in Mexico City, and the world, quite literally, is our oyster.  (Mmm...oysters...oh, sorry...back on topic...)  The next 20 years (at least) promises to deliver many many overseas moves, countless new experiences and, much to my delight, many culinary adventures.  I still don't know exactly what I want to do with my degree, but I'm delighted that the one thing that hasn't changed is that I want to work with food every day of my life if possible, and help bring good food to people's tables in some way or another.  (This might sound a bit "non-committal" to some, but you must be realistic as a spouse of a Foreign Service Officer, anticipating being in a new environment every 2-3 years...)

I anticipate that each new country we move to will bring about opportunities for me whether it be catering in some manner, working in a restaurant (probably more likely when the kids are older), or some sort of food writing gig.  I am lucky that here in Mexico City, I have such an opportunity writing for the post newsletter.  It's nothing flashy, just a simple food column published weekly, but I am excited and honored to do it and hope I can deliver a little something worthwhile to the readers each week.  So in honor of the many changes and our new and exciting future, I introduce to you "The Global Fork" where I'll be sharing my experiences and adventures, some cooking tips and recipes, hopefully answering some reader questions, and basically sharing my day to day life with you.  Thanks for reading.