Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dornbusch Tuesday Street Market

Fruit Vendor at
Dornbusch Tuesday Street Market
I had some business to attend to at the bank in Dornbusch yesterday, but upon arriving at 1340 I realized that they're closed for lunch until 1400. (Lesson learned! Guess these are pretty typical bank hours in Germany.) Harumph. I decided I might as well walk around for 20 minutes and get to know the neighborhood a bit better, and did I ever!

I stumbled upon the Tuesday Street Market, which I had heard about but never gotten the chance to find. It's located on the corner of Escherheimer Landstraße and Carl-Goerdeler-Straße, right by the Blumen Dornröschen, the free-standing flower shop. (See interactive Google map below.)

Along with fruit and vegetable vendors, selling plenty of stuff I've never found at Rewe, there are a selection of vendors who pull up big trucks with refrigerated cases, selling various cheeses, meats, breads, and even ready-made foods for a quick, delicious lunch. And of course there's a wine bar, ready to serve you up a delicious glass of Riesling.

The chili...
...and our chili dinner!
One shop (located all the way at the end this day) sold handmade Entegulaschsuppe (duck goulash soup), Chicken Fricassee (creamy stew), Bolognese sauce and even Chili! I purchased a jar of chili for dinner that night...3,95 per jar + 0,50 Pfand.  Not too bad for feeding a family of four! You'll also find all sorts of amazing looking soft cheese spreads, all 5 for about 8 oz. They were more than happy to give me multiple samples, and I chose the garlic-herb and nut cream cheeses...great for bagels or sandwiches or even just on bread, which is plentiful at the market! I went for what's called a "Laugenstange", basically a pretzel baguette, for 1,50.

All in all, the place is not cheap, but it was a fun experience with great looking vegetables and other goodies. If you like supporting smaller businesses, this is definitely the spot for you. 

Next time I'll bring a friend and spring for a half roast chicken (3,50) plus fresh French fries (pommes frites here, of course; 1,80).


Let me know if you give the market a shot and how you find it!

Look for this vendor for your
homemade stews, chili and Bolognese!

A close-up of various flavors of fresh cheese...

Mouth-watering olives and other delicacies...

The line for the chicken and fries...
which looked amazing...

And finally, the wine bar!