Friday, December 14, 2012

Meat in Mexico WILL CONTINUE!

To those of you that have enjoyed my "Meat in Mexico" series....previously published posts include Beef and Pork...I want to thank you for your patience that I have not yet finished the series nor have I published the "Pork Labels" spreadsheet.  I promise you that not only will I finish the spreadsheet over the next few weeks for your reference, but I will also finish the series over the next couple of months with information on lamb, chicken, specialty meats that are available here and even FISH!!  So stay tuned as I know many of you have found these posts helpful.  Most of them will probably also appear in The Aztec newsletter as part of my "Gourmet Corner" column.

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On that note, I also wanted to explain that you will no longer be seeing my column in The Aztec every single week.  Management expressed concern to the CLO and the newsletter publishers that The Aztec (at sometimes 30 pages) was a bit too long for the readers in the Embassy community to swallow every single week.  They have therefore made some changes in order to keep the newsletter at about 16 pages, which means my column will alternate with some other columns of interest to the community.  You will be able to read my "Gourmet Corner" column about once or twice a month in The Aztec.  But don't worry, my plan is to keep up with this blog and provide you a lot of useful information here, even when it can't be published in The Aztec. 

Please keep in mind that if you have any feedback or questions for me, you can either shoot me an email at or simply leave me a comment here on the blog.  And please "Follow" my blog (links below) if you really like it!

In a similar vein, if you have any comments for the CLO about what you want to see or don't want to see in The Aztec, please write to them at or

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback that has been coming in about my blog and my column!