Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wine and Cheese on a Rainy Day

 Photo by Scott Mulin
Most people hunker down on a rainy day, but not me...I like to enjoy it, which is great 'cause so does K.  I guess we're training Sweetie to do the same thing because on Sunday we decided to get out together and explore a little.  Okay, okay, so it wasn't pouring down rain---just a little drizzle, but that made our discovery of this quaint, cozy wine bar that much more exciting.   We were walking through downtown Ridgefield, which if you've been there you know it's adorable, and we decided to go back behind the shops on Main Street.  After browsing through the Milillo Farm store (which is another absolute must), we noticed a tiny restaurant tucked back in the parking lot.  We noticed it was a wine bar so K suggested we stop in for a glass and a nibble.  Most people aren't brave enough to go into a place like that with a 10-month old but I guess we're a rare
breed and we're so glad we did.  First of all, like I said, it has great ambience.  The servers were unbelievably nice and solicitous.  They brought Sweetie all the olive oil she wanted, as she's a big fan of bread dipped in olive oil.  We tried a couple of their reds by-the-glass (both from Italy but they also have California wines) as well as a three-cheese platter with a delicious goat cheese from Westfield Farm in Massachussetts, an amazing Pecorino Tartufello (sheep's cheese with black truffles!), and finally an incredibly unique aged mimolette, which was nutty with a full flavor. 

Of course we can't forget to mention their olive mix....just go and try it.  You'll love it!  We can't wait to go back for dinner for more of the chef's Northern Italian, seasonal cuisine.  They also have a $14 lunch special that's a great deal--let me know if you head out there!