Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Celebratory Dinner

After a celebratory dinner at one of my favorites, Bricco in West Hartford, CT (for more info, go to, I decided it was finally time to start my blog.  What were we celebrating? Our Sweetie's 2 month birthday...I'm sure you'll hear plenty about her as time goes on.  Especially because it's quickly becoming my opinion that having a baby changes a foodie's lifestyle in more dramatic ways than other parents!  Hilariously I'm pretty sure Sweetie's already a foodie herself, but more on that later.

My experience at Bricco is always a positive one.  I've heard how picky they are about who they hire on as waitstaff, let alone their cooking staff, and it really shows.  We decided to head over there at about 6pm and I worried there might not be a seat outside since it was such an incredible evening.  K said if there were no tables he'd officially call off the recession since it was a Tuesday night.  (I'm sure Mr. Bernanke sits around waiting for his calls...)  Fortunately we got there just in time, got a great table, and waited to see if Sweetie would disturb the other diners and force us to leave (#1 consideration for a foodie who's used to enjoying meals out!)  She was a doll, fortunately, and we had a great meal. 

I started with the featured appetizer, Stuffed Artichoke Hearts...I'm not sure I breathed once I started to eat it.  It was delicious and perfect...lots of fresh vegetables and a delicious tomato-based sauce with capers--an ode to freshness.  K had a local market green salad which, if you can believe, I didn't even get a taste of.  Living in Connecticut I can't let opportunities like that pass me by!  After all it's almost September.  For our main course I had the Veal Milanese with Fingerling Potatoes and Arugula Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes.  K had the Diver Sea Scallops with a summer risotto.  Needless to say, everything was cooked perfectly...both the veal and the sea scallops melted in your mouth, which surprised me because the veal was incredibly thin and with the breading had the possibility of being pretty dry.  The risotto was unlike any I've had before...the addition of fresh tomatoes and corn was so refreshing.

So there you have it...nothing controversial to report here--this time.  It was a great meal at a great restaurant...other than that I found myself without a knife at one point...........ahhhhh...more on my silverware pet peeves later.  Until my next post...have a great three meals!